Learn about Lux Scrubs.

MISSION: Provide all Health Care Workers with amazing scrubs at an affordable price.
VISION: To be inclusive. Creating a Team of Healthcare Workers no matter your title, where you're from or where you work; We are in this together.
VALUES: Building Trust. Creating Connections. Positivity & Authenticity.

The Story behind Lux.

Founded by Serena Orok in June 2021.
As an individual who wears scrubs for a living, I personally knew the struggle of finding comfy, functional yet affordable scrubs.
I built the brand Lux Scrubs, to help provide health care workers with a more affordable scrub option.
Looking back on the last 3 years, Lux has grown into a brand with intentions to grow bigger than I could have ever imagined.
In 2021, I was on a maternity leave with my second child. I was an Emergency Room nurse with zero experience running a business. I have always had multiple jobs.
On top of the ER, I taught students clinical, in the lab and lectures. I worked in community health and other areas in the hospital. I also worked as a bartender for 5 years after I graduated nursing. If you asked someone who knew me, it wouldn't be a surprise that I wanted to start a business from my living room (Never a dull moment).
Lux started with 100 sets of scrubs in 3 colours. I packed orders with my 1 year old baby running around & spread out all over my living room. I eventually took over my basement and moved into a shop just under a year ago. Lux has sold and connected with health care workers around the world.
As Lux has grown, I have undergone a ton of new challenges and definitely made my share of mistakes.
I have tried to be as transparent with my customers and hope I can continue making you feel great in your scrubs.
I hope to continue & grow Lux into a brand you can love too.
Serena Orok
Dated: May 17th, 2024